The creation of this film spawned from a challenge from a group of filmmakers to create a short using the exact dialog from a scene out of a 90's blockbuster. It was a great way to force each of us to create a narrative film in our spare time.
Cinematography, set design, sound, edit, color grade, acting, and directed by Adam Strick.
Gear List
Camera - lens - filtration - Monitor
Red Epic MX - Canon 16-35mm L - Tiffen Soft FX - Tiffen Pro Mist - Flanders Scientific LM-2461W

Lights - Atmosphere
2' quasars x 4 - dedolight fresnel x 2- westcott flexlight - American dj haze generator

Sound Devices 744t - Sennheiser MKH 416 - Sound Devices 552 - Ambient NanoLockit Time code sync box

Davinci Resolve - Adobe Audition - Adobe after effects - avid pro tools
Music - sound fx - foley - youtube - personal foley recordings and sound libraries

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